Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Clinical Psychologist

The human condition is such that we often have more questions than answers. This can create frustration, worry, and even despair. I strongly believe in the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity and thrive as a consequence of voluntarily facing life’s greatest challenges. I strive to go beyond the alleviation of psychological suffering towards the promotion of personal growth.

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist with the Professional Board of Psychology at the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as well as the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF). I obtained my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with Distinction at the University of the Free State. I have experience assisting individuals (children, pre-teens, emerging adults, and adults), couples, groups, and families with a wide variety of psychological difficulties. I completed my internship at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital where I received intensive training and supervision while treating diverse populations with a variety of complex psychiatric disorders. I have previously accumulated three years’ corporate experience as a HPCSA registered Psychometrist where I received national and international accreditations for various psychometric assessments. I fulfilled the role of specialist consultant to an Organisational Development team advising on a variety of people-related decisions. I have a keen interest in performance psychology (sports, performing arts, leadership etc.), neuropsychology, psycho-legal assessments, Eastern philosophy/mindfulness, and attachment-based parenting.

I pride myself on being an Integrative Psychotherapist with a fundamentally Person-centred (aka Humanistic/Rogerian) approach. This allows me to immerse myself into your perspective while suspending my own. This way, I assume a non-expert stance and respect your role as the expert of your own life experiences. Only then, am I able to accurately identify and understand your unique issues and thereby tailor a customised experience, utilising systematically chosen techniques and tools. I have received training in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and find it useful in working with a variety of different psychological issues. Above all else, I strive to create a supportive therapeutic space based on empathy, honesty, and unconditional acceptance, which encourages you to be your most authentic self without any fear of judgment.

In this Digital Age we are, all too often, fed generic solutions to our most intimate sufferings through well-intentioned memes or self-help blogs. Psychotherapy is far more than just talking – It is an invitation to navigate your way back to your most authentic self through healing, transformation, and ultimately, growth. It is a space of shared vulnerability, and your inner work will lead to new insights and possibly even some unexpected discoveries along the way. If you have the desire to explore more deeply the inner workings of your mind, then I would love to work with you.

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