Muneera Mohamed

Muneera Mohamed

Clinical Psychologist

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. - C.G. Jung

Emotional well-being has a significant influence on happiness, quality of life, sense of fulfilment and physical and spiritual health. With my teaching, research, learning & clinical experience of 24 years, I am continually inspired by the fortitude, determination and resilience I witness in individuals who strive to thrive despite adversity.

Within the therapeutic process, I emphasize the importance of balance between the 4 elements of mind, body, emotions and spirituality in each person’s well-being. Therapeutic interventions are determined by the unique needs and process of the individual, couple or family. By being eclectic and integrative in my approach means that I adapt interventions to the needs of each individual client. Scientifically approved methods are used to assist my clients in gaining increased awareness of thought patterns, feelings and coping skills, while ensuring a non-judgemental and supportive therapeutic relationship.

I obtained both my honours and master’s degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Witwatersrand and am registered with the HPCSA. I have received specialized training in many different techniques and modalities in the field of psychology. I have been trained in neuropsychology, CBT, DBT, Psychanalysis, ACT, Mindfulness, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis, NLP, Imago and compassion and solution-focussed therapy. I have furthermore received additional specialized training in treating alcohol and substance abuse, OCD, anxiety disorders, sexual disorders, PTSD, developmental trauma.

During the course of my career as a Clinical Psychologist I have had diverse experience in not only providing therapy to children, teens, emerging adults, adults and couples; but I have also been involved in creating mental health and wellness programmes for leading mental health facilities in South Africa. I have furthermore developed and run client workshops on a variety of topics such as couple’s skills, parenting skills, self-esteem, burnout & resilience.

I believe in the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship, which values both the client and my commitment to the therapeutic process. For me the honour lies in witnessing of my clients as they embark on the process of becoming.