Pholly Zizi

Pholly Zizi

Clinical Psychologist

My interest in psychology began in high school during an art lesson on surrealism. I realised that I had to look at the world very concretely, and yet the human mind was layered. Everything I did, felt and my reactions to my personal world had meaning. So much of our behaviours, thoughts and feelings are based on what we have had uniquely available to us tangibly and emotionally, and our worlds are in fact subjective with no two people’s experience of the world being the same.

I completed my Master’s in Psychology at the North West University during which period I engaged with an exchange program to the Netherlands. I spent a month living in Bartimeus, which is an institute for the blind and a facility for children with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Here I also attended classes and supervision at the Vrije University. I flourished and enjoyed delving deeper into psychopathology when I started working at Witrand Psychiatric Hospital, where I was exposed to psychosis and related disorders and working further with mood and substance related disorders.

I have worked with a wide array of psychological difficulties ranging from everyday worries to more complex pathology. I use various therapeutic modalities to allow for an approach that best suits each client. Modalities that I incorporate include Person Centred Therapy, Existential Therapy, CBT, REBT, Psychodynamic Therapy, Attachment Theory, Gestalt and DBT. I also have experience in neuropsychological work and assessments.

I continue to explore and growth with the world of psychology and build on my keen interest in understanding the human mind.

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