Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Our relationships form an essential part of our lives, and therefore experiencing difficulties in this area impacts negatively on our psychological well-being, our support system and often our overall functioning. Couples experience relationship difficulties and strain for various reasons, and creating understanding of the causes of the relationship strain by examining the interactional patterns and dynamics allows for change within the relationship.

All our psychologists at Cindy Strydom Psychologists work therapeutically with couples to create this understanding, as well as allowing the couple to acquire the skills and tools needed within the relationship to acquire the desired change.

We believe that couples who establish the right foundation in their relationship are able to better survive the normal and more severe stressors all relationships are challenged with. We aim to increase the sense of connectedness, team identity and ability to solve problems within a relationship.

Therapeutic services are available for couples experiencing various difficulties, as well as for those who are interested in relationship enhancement or pre-marital counselling.

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