Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

We offer marital therapy, pre-marital counselling and therapy for those who are interested in growing their relationship.

The marital counselling process is individualized for each couple, depending on their specific needs as determined in the first session. Sessions are an hour and a half in length with homework tasks or action plans given in between sessions. Common goals that couples would like to achieve include increase in communication and better conflict management. The goals for your process will be identified by yourselves and the psychologist. We work from a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) perspective which is very goal orientated and directive.

Our relationships form an essential part of our lives, and therefore experiencing difficulties in this area impacts negatively on our psychological well-being, our support system and often our overall functioning. Couples experience relationship difficulties and strain for various reasons, and creating understanding of the causes of the relationship strain by examining the interactional patterns and dynamics allows for change within the relationship.

All our psychologists at CRS Psychologists work therapeutically with couples to create this understanding, as well as allowing the couple to acquire the skills and tools needed within the relationship to acquire the desired change.

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