Tamaryn Spandiel

Tamaryn Spandiel

Clinical Psychologist

“When you get comfortable with your own messy and beautiful self. Nothing and no-one can block you. You finally see your truth. You fall in line with the beat of your own vibration. You come out of your cocoon” - Christine Evangelou. I find this poem and the metaphor of the transitional process from the cocoon to the butterfly a useful illustration of therapy. Therapy is a process to assist one through different phases of life which is unique to each individual, just like the butterfly making its way through the hole of the cocoon. The process may be messy, filled with dysfunction and despair just like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon with shrivelled up wings, unable to fly. In order to survive, the butterfly needs to learn to adapt to and function in its environment. I view therapy as a relationship to assist the crawling butterfly transform into one that is able to explore challenges and become one that is able to spread its wings and fly.

I am a clinical psychologist registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) who works predominantly from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic (CBT) perspective. I do however believe that clients are unique and therefore it is important to tailor therapy to the needs of each individual. At times this requires incorporating other therapeutic modalities. Apart from individual and family therapy, I have a passion for completing assessments and neurocognitive rehabilitation.

I obtained my BSocSci Psychology, BSocSci (HONS) Psychology, and MA Clinical Psychology degrees at the University of Pretoria. During my masters I completed my practical training at Weskoppies, 1Military Hospital, Eersterust Clinic and Itsoseng Clinic in Mamelodi. During my internship, I was placed at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital where I worked in both the Acute Psychotic Ward and the Child and Family Unit. After completion of my masters research (mini-dissertation topic: Coping Strategies used by Parents of Children with Autism) I completed an extended internship at Tara - The H. Moross Hospital where I worked in the Biomedical Ward, the Out Patients Department, the Family Therapy Clinic, and co-facilitated neurocognitive rehabilitation groups in the Adolescent and Adult Wards. During this time, I gained extensive experience in cognitive, neurocognitive, personality, and projective assessments.

Due to the range of experience during my training, I chose to complete my community service at the Department of Correctional Services where I was placed in the Female Correctional Centre and completed parole assessments in the Male Maximum Centre. I pride myself in continuously developing my skills as a clinician through volunteering my time, attending various professional courses, and regular personal and group supervision.

PR 082 1845 / PS 013 9998