Methods of payment: Medical Aid (Co-Payment Applicable), Cash, Card and SnapScan.

Card Rates per consultation for 2019

50 minute session  : R1100

80 minute session  : R1650


Discounted Cash Rates per consultation for 2019, applies strictly for immediate cash payments:

50 minute session  : R1050

80 minute session  : R1600

Medical Aid: 

Rates are determined by the individual medical aid. Each medical aid determines their increase individually and we charge accordingly. However, as of 2019 our tariff will be set at R1100 per hour session, regardless of medical aid. As such, a co-payment will be applicable for some medical aids. We will also no longer be accepting the following medical aids: GEMS, Profmed, MotoHealth and Spectramed. Please feel free to ask if you require the rate for your medical aid.

We offer therapy in person, through Skype, Whatsapp Video or Phone Call depending on client preference.

Fees are charged for the duration of the session and provision has been made for both medical aid claims and private payments.

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